4B at Stevenage Fire Station

This half term a group of 7 students have been spending time working with Hertfordshire fire and rescue at Stevenage Fire station.

They have been taking part in a skills for life course developing team work and skills which could help them if they encounter some different emergency situations.

Their programme is below.
Thursday 6th October – White Watch

Health and Safety brief, familiarisation with the fire station. Provision of PPE. Introduction to hose, hydrant and branches.

Thursday 20th October – Blue Watch

Develop pump drills use of Hose Reels, monitors and open water. Link into the StartaHeart program with Defibrillator input if possible by Trauma Instructor.

Thursday 3rd November – Green Watch

Road Traffic Collision input use of Lukas cutting equipment. Input on Firework safety

Thursday 17th November – Red Watch

Confidence and Resilience – ladders and team work, introduction to BA search as teams in difficult environment.

Thursday 1st December

Further BA work develop drills to scenario based House Fire

Thursday 15th December – Blue Watch

Water Carnival