Bridge Autumn Term Review

We’ve had an excellent start to the year in the Bridge!

We have done lots of fantastic learning and have been involved in a number of exciting school events.

During Learning Skills time each morning, pupils in the Bridge have continued to work hard at developing their numeracy, literacy and social skills. We’ve had weekly breakfasts where we’ve socialised with our class and further developed our breakfast making skills.

Children in the Bridge have been practising road safety in Learning for Life. We have done really well but will need a few more weeks practice but before we are ready to put our Green Cross Code knowledge into real life practice.

The Bridge and Steps students have had their first joint assembly. The children were so excited! We talked about co-operation and introduced to the whole school to a very catchy song, ‘Do My Best’.

In Science, we have been learning about materials and their properties. We have even re-enacted the story of the Three Little Pigs to find out what material is the best to use when building a wolf proof house.

We have also looked at our teeth and talked about how we could best look after them. We have all experimented with disclosing tablets, engaged in role play and practised brushing our teeth.

In Humanities, we have been learning about our local area. We have also done some map work and practiced directions.

Some students in the Bridge also took part in our new school production, Elf, the musical and did an excellent job both on and behind the stage.

Well done everyone!