Quiz Night Friday 16th March

We are taking a group of pupils to the world famous The Minack Theatre in Cornwall to perform and want to make sure cost isn’t a barrier for any of our talented musicians to attend.

All money raised at the quiz night will go directly to subsidising the trip for pupils.

Bridge Autumn Term Review

We’ve had an excellent start to the year in the Bridge!

We have done lots of fantastic learning and have been involved in a number of exciting school events.

During Learning Skills time each morning, pupils in the Bridge have continued to work hard at developing their numeracy, literacy and social skills. We’ve had weekly breakfasts where we’ve socialised with our class and further developed our breakfast making skills.

Children in the Bridge have been practising road safety in Learning for Life. We have done really well but will need a few more weeks practice but before we are ready to put our Green Cross Code knowledge into real life practice.

The Bridge and Steps students have had their first joint assembly. The children were so excited! We talked about co-operation and introduced to the whole school to a very catchy song, ‘Do My Best’.

In Science, we have been learning about materials and their properties. We have even re-enacted the story of the Three Little Pigs to find out what material is the best to use when building a wolf proof house. We have also looked at our teeth and talked about how we could best look after them. We have all experimented with disclosing tablets, engaged in role play and practised brushing our teeth.

In Humanities, we have been learning about our local area. We have also done some map work and practiced directions.

Some students in the Bridge also took part in our new school production, Elf, the musical and did an excellent job both on and behind the stage.

Well done everyone!

Year 9 Learning News – Autumn Term

It’s been a fantastic start to the academic year for year 9 and we can’t believe how much we’ve already covered.

In English we have looked at imaginary stories through Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak and biographical and autobiographical writing, focusing on the achievements of Lewis Hamilton. In maths, aside from the day to day sessions, we’ve undertaken some interesting activities to develop children’s understanding of number. This includes developing weighing and measuring skills through cookery, handling money through monopoly and challenging children’s mental addition and subtraction skills through playing darts.

In humanities the pupils have loved learning about The Great War, WW1. We have learnt about the causes of the war, the alliances, life in the trenches, the role of animals in the war and the Battle of The Somme and Remembrance Day.

In science the children were challenged to make the largest circuit they could using electrical components in our Autumn 1 science topic Electric Circuits. The pupils also had great fun using the Van der Graaf generator as you can see from the images below.

In the second half term we have been investigating forces, the children rose to the challenge and made parachutes to protect an egg being dropped from the fire exit and designed paper boats and challenged one another to see whose boat could take the most weight.

In the first half of the Autumn term in Learning for Life gave children had the opportunity to learn about taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally, looking at a balanced diet, exercise regimes and taking care of their emotional health. This half term we have been discussing what it means to be British, learning about the government and what a democracy is.

Some of the year 9 pupils have been busy outside with Mr Bradshaw and one of our governors Catherine Muncaster.  The pupils are creating an allotment space in the woodland area where they have already planted Onions, Garlic and a number of Raspberry canes.  They have also spent time out front of the school reception, putting in some spring bulbs including daffodils, tulips and many Crocus corms kindly donated to the school by the Stevenage Rotary club.

Year 11 Autumn Term Learning 2017

Year 11 have made a great start to this academic year! We are a cohesive team who work together as mentors to younger pupils and ambassadors to the school.

For the first time, we have elected new House Captains and some of us have stepped up to become part of this new team.  We can’t wait to see what they get up to next term.

We started our year with a residential trip to Devon.  We stayed in a barn and spent time exploring the beaches.  We had a great time and are looking to raise money in January to return before we leave the school.