Year 10 Learning News Autumn Term 2017

Throughout this term, Year 10 have been working hard to not only improve their skills, but also to learn how to work together as a team.

Our trip to Wymondley Woods was a great success, allowing us to all get to know each other better, helping us to build that team spirit and have a lot of fun along the way. New friendships were made and new experiences had, for staff as well as students!

As we progressed through the term, another area of our learning that has improved due to our ability to work as a team, is our work in Enterprise. We found that by helping each other and passing on skills that we as individuals have, we are able to help others improve in their learning. We also learned that an essential skill in life and business is to be able to listen and communicate with each other. In doing this, we were able to find out what our ‘clients’ wanted, conducting our own market research in school, and then providing what was asked for.

This helped us develop the Enterprise Tuck Shop into a bacon roll and hot dog stall on a Thursday! We worked hard at developing new skills that enabled us to make small items that we could sell, building up enough stock so that we could open our stall at the Indoor Market in Stevenage. This happened a few weeks ago with Callum and M……being lucky enough to meet our local MP Stephen McPartland there. They introduced him to our stall and he was very impressed, and as a result, Mr. McPartland is going to come into school in the New Year and help us promote all our hard work. So all in all, a promising start for Team 10!


Year 8 Learning Autumn term 2017

Learning for Life

As part of learning about the value of co-operation, Year 8 read, discussed and acted out the story of The Giant Turnip.  We made face masks and props, and our final performance was on the theatre stage.

During Learning for Life, we also made emotional key rings, which help us to express how we are feelings, and the strategies on the back help us stay calm and happy.


During Science we have learned about soluble and insoluble solutions.  We investigated how much sugar will dissolve before saturation is reached.

We also separated coloured ink using paper chromatography and used litmus paper to investigate if different solutions were alkalis or acidic by measuring the pH. (


We learn our Times table by playing Times Table Bingo, and when learning about time, we made and decorated our own analogue clocks.


We have enjoyed reading Michael Rosen poems together. We had a Gruffalo week, where we enjoyed read the book together and played guess the character. We wrote simple sentences using high frequency spellings. We linked science to the Gruffalo and studied the habitats of each character. We also did Gruffalo Maths where we added the ears and eyes of the characters.

We also studied the Tiger child and read from communication in print texts, then we used these texts to role play the story. we have use multisensory skills to learn year 3 spellings by playing games online, practising handwriting and employing spellings in sentences.

Listen to Mr Harris singing his Christmas song

Listen to Mr Harris singing his Christmas song

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Keiran O’Neill

Keiran O’Neill uses the half term holidays learning how to care for and milk the cows on the family farm in Ireland.

Well done Caleb!

Caleb won a gold medal on Saturday at Hillingdon for his individual 4 length swim, and won gold and silver on Sunday at Enfield. Gold for the relay and Silver for his individual 4 length!

Well done Caleb!

Special Education Needs Music Teacher of the Year: Felicity Kirk

Classic FM has honoured five music teachers who have made a real difference to the musical lives of students across the UK in this year’s Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Awards with Casio and ABRSM.

The Awards recognise and reward Britain’s most inspiring teachers and celebrate their work in five categories: Primary, Secondary, Peripatetic, Special Education Needs and Lifetime Achievement.

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