Humanities including Religious Education

The humanities programme is a combination of different disciplines taught in an integrated way through themes or topics rather than as the separate subjects of History, RE and Geography.

In Humanities students learn about their world and the people in it.
It is about:

  • What happened in the past and why did it happen (History)
  • Who are we, what do we believe and how do our beliefs influence our actions (RE)
  • How do people interact with their environment to make positive or negative changes (Geography)

Year 7 – 9

All students in Years 7-9 are taught humanities within the thematic curriculum approach. A range of themes are taught which include crime and punishment, power and conflict and my community.

The National Curriculum for Geography and History and the “Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education” all contribute to the content of the themes taught in key stage 3.

Year 10 and 11

Students continue to study Humanities in years 10 and 11. In key stage 4 pupils will have 45 minutes a week with their humanities teacher.

Again the pupils will study units which combine the humanities subjects of History, Geography and RE, along with linking with the schools values curriculum.

Some of the topics pupils will be able to study include, but are not limited to –

  • Religious Festivals and celebrations
  • Religious charities
  • Important ceremonies in life and death

Students will develop their research skills and will be encouraged to join in discussions, share their own ideas and views whilst being sympathetic to the views of others.