ICT and Computing

“In ICT, we learn lots about using the internet and making documents. My favourite thing is playing with Roma the robot and making Roma go to places I want it to go to” Lucy

As technology becomes an integral part of all our lives, here at The Valley School we feel it is very important to educate our pupils to enable them to get the best out of their ever changing technological world whilst keeping themselves safe.
Key Stage 3
Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 will learn and  develop skills using a range of technology and programmes.
  • Robotics and Systems using algorithms
  • Floor robots and MSW Logo to show position and direction
  • Turtle and other games using programming language and strict instructions to achieve objectives
  • Bringing Images to Life with a focus on how they can be changed and edited to communicate different moods or ideas
  • Blogging and vblogging (video)
  • Social networks (how to use it safely)
  • Sound and animation

Key Stage 4

Throughout the course of the year students have learnt about a variety of skills including:

  • health & safety in ICT and how to use online resources safely
  • ICT equipment, how to use various tools on Microsoft Office
  • exploring information from numerous sources
  • using ICT to work with text and images.