Year 7 Thematic Journey

Intent – What are we aiming to achieve through our curriculum?

  • To provide an outstanding education, which is personalised to the learning needs of students.
  • To ensure a varied and well balanced curriculum is adapted each half term through our Year 7 themes:
    • All about Me – focussing on the transition between Primary and Secondary school, allowing students and staff to build a good rapport.
    • Adventurers and Explorers – Focussing on different habitats around the world and their ecosystems. We learn about famous explorers and their adventures.
    • Titanic – focussing on the journey of the Titanic and life on board the ship. We look at the unjust treatment of those in third class.
    • Farm to Fork – focussing on developing an awareness of where our food comes from, learning about plants and animals and preparing healthy meals.
    • London – focussing on knowing that London is our capital city and learning about its heritage and landmarks.
    • Victorians – focussing on knowing who Queen Victoria was, comparing aspects of Victorian life and understanding how life now is different to life then.
  • To provide a calm, engaging, learning focused environment, which is safe, caring and nurturing.
  • To increase resilience and independence and develop students’ ability to self-regulate.
  • To develop students’ essential life skills, developing their knowledge and the ‘cultural capital’  they need to succeed in life.
  • To promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • To prepare students during transition from their primary school for the next stage of their journey in education.

Implementation – How are we delivering our curriculum?

  • Students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is adapted to meet students’ learning needs.
  • The Zones of Regulation are used to support students to regulate behaviour.
  • Individual targets are set annually in EHCP meetings. Opportunities are made in class to address these targets.
  • A range of resources are used to allow students to access their learning.
  • Teaching and learning through topics builds on knowledge and experiences allowing students to generalise and draw links more easily between subjects.
  • To provide rich and varied cultural capital opportunities aligned to our themes, this may include trips, visitors, online experiences and theme days within school.
  • To build on previous learning acquired during their time in primary school.
  • To track progress termly to be able to share progress with families and use to support our students.
  • To enable home learning each half term aligned to each theme.
  • Regular use of Class Dojo to promote sharing learning regularly with families and promoting student achievement.

Impact – What difference is the curriculum making to our students?

  • Lack of confidence can often be a barrier to learning, and one that we aim to overcome in Year 7 by ensuring students believe that they can succeed.
  • The Zones of Regulation are used in Year 7 to help develop students’ ability to self-regulate.
  • The use of a points based (money) system is used to reward students who demonstrate they are ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’ in each lesson.
  • To provide a safe and exciting environment to make learning enjoyable and memorable.
  • To enable students to have a successful transition from primary to secondary provision.