Learning for Life

Learning for Life is delivered to all students by their form tutors who know them very well and are able to tailor their learning programmes to meet the needs of students in their groups.

Year 7

In their first topic students are introduced to the world of work by understanding the roles of all the adults at The Valley School. Students then complete an Identity topic where they consider what makes them unique; their interests, skills and qualities. They also study a Health topic where they explore the meaning of a healthy lifestyle including hygiene, food, exercise, and personal care. Finally, students develop their understanding of friendships and relationships, life cycles and puberty, and body image.

Year 8 & 9

During this academic year students develop their understanding of a variety of topics including Home Skills and Personal Care. They spend time practising life skills and learn about housekeeping and safety.  Students also work on money.   In addition, students look at Personal Care, including how to keep themselves safe, the importance of keeping clean and healthy and what makes a healthy diet.  They also learn about road safety.

Year 10 & 11

During these years, students will complete challenges and tasks contributing towards an ASDAN qualification (Award Scheme and Accreditation Network). Modules include “Healthy and Safe Food” covering diet and food hygiene, “Conflict Resolution” looking at the different kinds of conflicts and what causes them. “Personal Wellbeing” which includes mental health and basic first aid, and “Economic Wellbeing” which looks at banking, paid work, tax and debt.

The students continue with the Sex and Relationships Education. Students will learn through research, discussion, practical and written activities, about keeping themselves safe, (including online). Different sorts of relationships, body image and parenting, including the use of virtual babies.


In year 10 students will follow an accredited (ASDAN) Enterprise course where they will be planning making and selling a range of products. This is an exciting new course for our students.  For the first time we will be opening our own Market stall at Stevenage Market on a Thursday and each week a group of students will have the opportunity to work on the stall, selling the products made in school. We will also be exploring different opportunities to sell our products through online sales and during school fairs.  Please visit our stall on Thursdays!

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