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Raising Money For Prom!

Every Tuesday in Learning for Life, 4BR make a selection of foods to sell from Ham and Cheese toasties, Cheesy Tortillas, fruit salad bowl and pancakes.

All students in the class play an important role in buying and making the food ready to sell at break time to the whole school. So far we have made a total of £63.40

Prom1  Prom2 

Prom3  Prom4

April 18, 2017/by Aurezza

Steps Half Termly Review

In Steps pupils have been making good progress across all fronts. Reading and Comprehension skills have improved and pupils have accessed numerous texts and written stories as well as concentrating on basic phonic skills.

Numeracy skills have also improved and real life situations like a walk to Tesco to buy some food to cook for a lunch in Steps have helped pupils experience real shopping and dealing with money.

Learning for Life skills have been honed in numerous practical sessions such as loading and sorting washing, making a hot drink and on our excursions where road safety was practised.

In Science there have been experiments regarding the human body such as measuring pulse rate after exercise (which the pupils enjoyed!)

Pupils have also had a chance to choose art, IT, DT, cooking or performing arts. In Enterprise, Year 10s have made items for sale for the market stall run by The Valley School at Stevenage Indoor Market and have also helped to run the stall.

A few pupils are also taking part in the school production, “School of Rock” which should be a sensation!!
Overall, staff and students working hard as a team, learning and achieving.

March 31, 2017/by Aurezza

The Bridge Report

Tales Today1  Tales Today2  Tales Today3

March 16, 2017/by Aurezza

School of Rock Visit

On Thursday 2nd March, 43 pupils and 12 adults from The Valley took a trip into London's West End to watch School of Rock at the New London Theatre.

This was a research trip for our upcoming production on 30th and 31st March.  We were very excited to see the show live on stage and were wowed by the young actors playing their instruments.

IMG_0054  School_of_Rock  IMG_0260 

Our behaviour, as always, was a credit to the school and we all behaved impeccably, both on the journey and whilst in the theatre.

We are even more excited for our production now and cannot wait to wow you all with what we can do!  Tickets will be on sale next week and the performances are at 7pm on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March.

Here's what we thought of the show:

Harry S - "Outstanding performance! Must-see show!"

Becky – “Brilliant. I liked Dewey.”

Kiefer - "I think the moral of the story is that, no matter what mean things people say to you, you should always go for your dreams."

Caleb – “EPIC!”

Lily – “Everything was excellent.”

Hayden W – “I liked the ending.”

Jamie M – “It was the greatest show ever”

Oliver – “It was really good. I liked when Lawrence did cool keys on the piano.”

Lucy – “It was really loud and made me go ‘woo hoo!’”

Elliot - "It was brilliant.  All of the music was really good."

Shakil – “Cool!”

Louie - "It was really good. I liked the songs, because they were really easy to follow and were very catchy."

Ellie – “It was incredible.  I liked it when Katie was playing bass.”

Dominic – “It was the best ever.”

Matthew – “It was fun because it had people playing live.”

Ryan - "The drummer was awesome, I just loved the beat!"

March 6, 2017/by Aurezza

LGBT History Month

Throughout February we are celebrating LGBT History Month along with the rest of the country.

Miss Casey launched our celebration with an assembly about accepting others and our differences. We are building on our understanding of what LGBT means. Miss Casey has challenged all pupils to think about the words we say to people and stop using gay as an insulting word.

month1  month2

We are going to be looking at LGBT people through some of our other subjects. There is even a display in The Pit of famous LGBT artists throughout history.

We pride ourselves on accepting people for who they are at The Valley and are excited to develop our understanding of LGBT people and issues over the course of this month and throughout the year.

February 7, 2017/by Aurezza

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Visit

On Wednesday 18th January, 12 pupils from 3B & 3C headed to The Camden Roundhouse to watch the Zoonation and Royal Ballet performance of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

The trip was eventful from the start, with the minibus tyre bursting on the A1! Our pupils were fantastic and worked really well as a team to keep everybody safe whilst we waited for the AA to arrive.


We got to watch the man from the AA change a tyre and even got to meet two Highway Patrol Officers. Ms Adamson was the most excited about this bit!

madhatter2  madhatter3

We were determined to still make it to the show and arrived with 10 minutes to spare!  We were allowed to go into the theatre through the Stage Door, which was very exciting!  Once inside, we bought programmes and got ready for the show to start.

madhatter4  madhatter5

The show was fantastic! There was lots of dancing, some acting and a live band. It was a really interesting take on the Alice in Wonderland story and we all really enjoyed it. During the interval, we went to the café to get a drink and a snack. The lady working in the café told Ms Adamson how impressed she was with us all and how polite we were.

Here’s what we had to say about the show:

“It was really good, I liked it. The beginning of the show the characters were dancing and the light was shining on them. My favourites were The Mad Hatter and Alice.” - Crystal

“The best show I’ve ever seen.” - Ellie

“It was AMAZING! It was good because it had a great story and really good dancing as well.” - Kiefer

February 1, 2017/by Aurezza

3C Autumn Term 2 Update

We’ve had another action-packed half term in 3ST and 3BW.

On 9th November, the whole school went to the cinema in Welwyn Garden City to watch The Secret Life of Pets as part of the national Into Film Festival. We had a fantastic time!

3c_autumn2 3c_autumn1

In Science we experimented with colours and learnt how fireworks are made.

3c_autumn3  3c_autumn4

In Learning for Life, we learnt about the environment and how to look after the world around us. We spent some time litter picking and cleaning up the school’s woodland area.

We also cooked lots this term! Toad in the hole and mince pies were some of our favorites. You may have tried one of our mince pies, they were served at the Christmas Concert!

3c_autumn6  3c_autumn5

Talking of the Christmas Concert, 3C were fantastic at the event! Performances of Read All About It and Rather Be featured solos by a number of our pupils and the combined 3B and 3C performance of All I Want for Christmas is You was a hit with the audience. Dominic and Harvey even performed a ukulele duet after only learning for one term. Congratulations to all on a brilliant concert!


We were sad to say goodbye to Mr. Steadman but excited to get to know Mrs. Nelson.  Mr. Bradshaw is also becoming our Learning Leader from January.  Thank you for your support this term; we are looking forward to lots more learning in 2017!

January 17, 2017/by Aurezza

2nd Half-Term Celebration

Microsoft Word - 2ND Half-term celebration.docx

January 13, 2017/by Aurezza

Valley Staff Christmas 2016

December 21, 2016/by valleyschool

4a Learning Update

December 20, 2016/by valleyschool

Steps Half Term Review

December 20, 2016/by valleyschool

The Valley School Christmas Tree Festival

December 20, 2016/by valleyschool

Bridge Half Term Review

December 20, 2016/by valleyschool

ParentMail – Have You Registered?

December 19, 2016/by valleyschool

Parent Consultation Evenings

December 7, 2016/by Aurezza

Olivers amazing attendance earns him a close encounter of the owl kind!

November 25, 2016/by Aurezza

Mamma Mia! Tolka goes backstage at the Novello Theatre

November 25, 2016/by Aurezza

4B at Stevenage Fire Station

November 9, 2016/by Aurezza

Caleb sees double silver

November 8, 2016/by Aurezza

Autumn Term 3AD

November 7, 2016/by Aurezza

3C Half Term Update

November 7, 2016/by Aurezza

Calshot Activities Centre 2016

November 7, 2016/by Aurezza

In Steps

November 7, 2016/by Aurezza

Year 11 Big Art

November 7, 2016/by Aurezza

Bridge Half Term

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Year 10 Enterprise

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