Preparing for Post-16

As part of our transition programme in preparing the students for post 16, we ensure all our Year 11 students are supported through an enriched curriculum, working towards their individual goals.

Term 1

Students will focus on their personal skills and qualities, taking part in various activities designed to build their confidence, independence and resilience. They will explore various options available to them outside of the Valley school, allowing them to focus on their future; mapping out pathways of how to get there.

Guest speakers from local post 16 provisions, along with visits to various settings are planned to help them identify the right journey for them. Travel training will be part of this experience, developing their knowledge and confidence of using various modes of transport available across the county.

Term 2

Students will have opportunities to develop their skills required to be successful in their future goals. Opportunities will be provided, allowing them to gain practical experiences within the world of work. They will have the chance to visit and talk to professionals within post 16 work settings that they would like to explore.

Opportunities for work shadow days, work experience and other internal/ external projects linked to the Valley school will also be offered.

Term 3

Students will start to explore different transitioning opportunities that are available to them in Post 16. These will vary depending on the student’s next steps. We will be working with various settings locally that supports their pathway. Staff from the external provisions will work very closely with us to build good relationships; helping to support the students with their transitioning into post 16 education apprenticeships or work with training.