Health and Social Care

Year 10

In Health and Social care the pupils will take on tasks and projects to develop their skills and knowledge. They will explore how children grow and develop from birth to teens. They will learn how to keep children safe, along with some basic first aid skills. Pupils will complete tasks that supports food and hygiene for babies and children. Other areas they will cover are care routines and activities to support children’s growth and development. The lesson will involve practical led activities, discussion and written tasks that will build the pupils knowledge giving them the option to progress further in year 11.

Year 11:

In Health and Social care the pupils will be expected to complete the BTEC Certificate in Health and Social care. There are two units they need to complete, Creative Play activities and Health needs. Each unit is split into 3 challenges where the students will have the option to take part in practical activities, reflect and review to develop their skills and knowledge. These tasks will be recorded as evidence. This certificate will allow them to gain the basic of Health and Social care and in the future allow them to progress onto the next level.