Design and Technology

Key Stage 3

In Design and Technology, we aim to expose pupils to different materials, tools and techniques with a focus on how to use these safely.

Pupils complete a variety of projects across KS3 to become competent and safe users of different hand tools and electrical machines. Projects range from basic toys to more elaborate projects like birdfeeders, bughouses bird boxes and many more.

Year 7

In Year 7 pupils learn how to be safe in the workshop whilst being introduced to the new tools and materials. This year aims to improve pupils’ confidence to make things that they will be proud to take home.

During the autumn term, pupils are introduced to the workshop whilst making a wooden toy snake, learning how to measure and cut wood. Pupils use the pillar drill and the belt sander for the first time.

During the spring term, pupils make a wooden toy car which includes skills comparing different designs. Transferring the design onto timber, pupils use the Scrollsaw for the first time to cut out the form. Wheels are added to the car using a drill and nails as the axils.

During the summer term, pupils make a mechanically driven boat which uses all the skills they have learned to perfect their boat ready for a race across the school fishpond.

Year 8

Year 8 pupils further developing their understanding of a range of materials and ways of joining them together. Pupils learn to incorporate an electrical circuit to power their boat during the summer term.

During the Autumn term, pupils make Bird feeders where pupils use angles and 90’ joints. Pupils learn to bend acrylic to form a watertight roof. Pupils also learn how to use the bobbin sander.

During the Spring term pupils makes a Bat box where they focus on measuring and cutting wooden panels accurately to form a box shape.

During the Summer term, pupils make an Electrical driven Boat which uses all the skills they have learned to perfect their boat before adding an electric circuit with a motor, ready for a race across the school pond.

Years 9

During Year 9 pupils make a timber boat with an electrically operated propeller. Our final project in Year 9 includes an MDF secret box using all previous skills and knowledge. There will also be some new skills like the “box joint” and using hinges for the lid.

KS 4

Years 10 & 11

Students who wish to do so can choose Design and Technology as an option choice during Key Stage 4. They will continue to develop their practical skills in designing and making objects in a wide range of materials. Where appropriate, they can enter for entry-level or other examinations, depending upon their aptitude.

We currently offer a B-Tech unit during which pupils start developing the skills needed to make carpentry joints. They find out how to read from a drawing, measure out timber and mark cuts. They learn how to use the correct tools and equipment to make a wooden frame. They develop the skills needed to join the pieces of timber together by making joints. They learn about hazards when using woodworking tools and how to work safely. Finally, pupils complete an assessment task where all their skills and knowledge are tested when creating a photo frame.