Design and Technology

Year 7

Pupils are given the opportunity to embark upon various projects including making of various toys and other projects. We concentrate developing skills in using hand tools and, most importantly, safety in the workshop. The aim of this year is to improve their self-confidence at making things that they will be proud to take home.

Year 8

Students build upon their learning, developing their understanding of a range of materials, different ways of joining them together. They work in various types of materials to make various products. The focus of the lessons is on practical hand skills and organisation and on being able to work safely with hand and powered tools.

Years 9

Year nine builds on the skills learnt in year 8 with an increasing emphasis on building projects incorporating some of their own design their own design. Amongst the options available are focused practical tasks in wood, such as a bird house, a toy plane and a lockable box from MDF.

Years 10 & 11

Students who wish to do so can choose Design and Technology as an option choice during Key Stage 4. They will continue to develop their practical skills in designing and making objects in a wide range of materials. Where appropriate, they can enter for entry level or other examinations, depending upon their aptitude.