Year 10 Enterprise

Our exciting new Enterprise ventures have taken off this year with Year 10 already learning a host of new skills and how to earn money using them!

We have set up our own pop-up tuck shop which has been selling ice lollies and more recently, doughnuts. Through their own market research, they have now compiled a list of tasty treats to tempt us with throughout the coming year, some healthier than others! At the same time, we have been learning about costing our materials and how we can make a profit…or a loss. We have also started looking at the kinds of businesses there are and whether they exist purely to make money, or are helping make a positive difference to the lives of people around the world. This lead to an interesting debate on supporting organisations like Fairtrade who ensure a fair price is paid for the raw materials but it costs us more, or paying a cheaper price and knowing that others are perhaps suffering through our choices – our children have amazing grasp of right and wrong!

Added into all of this, we have been working hard to amass a stock of hand-made candle-holders, wooden bird ornaments, cushions, bags and throws – remember our market research before the summer asking which items you would buy? – and the students have been perfecting their sawing, carving, sanding, sewing, embellishing, painting, beading skills all to create lovely finished products which will go on sale at our very own stall in Stevenage Indoor Market. Please watch out for our grand opening.

In the meantime, we will carry on the happy making and selling, welcoming your support!!