Year 11 Big Art

As part of Creative Arts week, 11 BR created their own large wall display of a timetable in their classroom. Each student played an important role in the idea and the design, using a variety of art skills from drawing the timetable on a plain white wall, carefully colouring in text, painting and using their ICT skills to create laminated subject cards to be velcroed to the wall.

The students really enjoyed doing this, wanted to add colour to the room and as well as this, create something that they would use every day.

4MA Big Art

4MA worked together to make a new sign for our Common Room. Everybody had a part to play in designing, drawing, laminating and displaying our work.

After hanging wallpaper, we added our own letters to complete the sign.

We were all really proud in the difference it has made to our Year 11 Area.

The Common room is an important part of Year 11 life. They have their own snooker table, table tennis, darts, X Box and comfy seating area. They are also developing the kitchen area.