Learning for Life

As part of learning about the value of co-operation, Year 8 read, discussed and acted out the story of The Giant Turnip.  We made face masks and props, and our final performance was on the theatre stage.

During Learning for Life, we also made emotional key rings, which help us to express how we are feelings, and the strategies on the back help us stay calm and happy.


During Science we have learned about soluble and insoluble solutions.  We investigated how much sugar will dissolve before saturation is reached.

We also separated coloured ink using paper chromatography and used litmus paper to investigate if different solutions were alkalis or acidic by measuring the pH. (


We learn our Times table by playing Times Table Bingo, and when learning about time, we made and decorated our own analogue clocks.


We have enjoyed reading Michael Rosen poems together. We had a Gruffalo week, where we enjoyed read the book together and played guess the character. We wrote simple sentences using high frequency spellings. We linked science to the Gruffalo and studied the habitats of each character. We also did Gruffalo Maths where we added the ears and eyes of the characters.

We also studied the Tiger child and read from communication in print texts, then we used these texts to role play the story. we have use multisensory skills to learn year 3 spellings by playing games online, practising handwriting and employing spellings in sentences.