At The Valley School, we welcome pupils with a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN).  All of our students have learning difficulties and a large majority also have autism and/or speech, language and/or communication needs.

We believe in “different for different”, so our aim is to treat every student according to their individual needs, preferences and the barriers that get in the way of effective learning.

Each of our students has an Education, Health and Care Plan naming The Valley School as the right place for them to learn.  We work very closely with local authority officers who hold the responsibility for admissions.  If you think this is the right school for you or for a member of your school or family, we urge you to visit and enjoy all that the school has in place.  We are happy to advise you about how to proceed but we are not able to offer places unless the criteria set by Hertfordshire is met and the school is named by the Local Authority. Please visit Hertfordshire County Council’s website for more information on admission arrangements.