Pupils are expected to arrive in uniform, wearing shoes. If you need support with any uniform matters, please contact the Form Tutor. We hope that all pupils take a pride in their appearance and show this by wearing suitable school clothing.

The Valley School uniform choices are available from My Clothing Limited. Polo shirts and sweatshirts are available in purple and grey. Please order directly through www.myclothing.com, as these are not sold through the school office.

It is optional for pupils in years 10 and 11 to wear a black sweatshirt with the school logo, if they wish.


  • Grey or black skirt or trousers suitable for school wear
  • Black shoes or trainers


  • Grey or black trousers suitable for school wear.
  • Black shoes or trainers

Pupils may not wear jeans, brightly coloured or patterned tops, high heeled shoes or excessive jewellery or makeup.

Jewellery may cause injury to the wearer and others. It should be limited to stud earrings and items which reflect a family’s religious or cultural beliefs. Pupils may be asked to remove other items.