The School Day

There are currently 172 students at The Valley School, in Years 7 to 11.   The students are registered in small form groups with their own tutor and a Learning Partner.

The school day consists of eight lessons in order to enhance flexibility within the curriculum. Within each lesson students will be involved in a variety of activities including some time working individually and in some practical or group work.

How do we do it?

Please note that the entrance is on Broadhall Way.  A one-way system for traffic operates in the school grounds and the exit takes traffic out into Valley Way.  Please do not come in the gate at Valley Way.  Parents/Carers should not drive and park in the school grounds at the start of the day or at the end of the day to drop off or collect their child, for health and safety reasons. They can however join the queue of taxis and minibuses to drop off and collect in this way by prior arrangement.

At morning break in dry weather students are expected to go outside to the playground to benefit from the fresh air. They may buy a snack from the tuck shop or bring something to eat or drink from home. All students have their own water bottles.

Lunch is served in year groups during our family meal time where students have dedicated time where they can eat and chat together. Students may bring packed lunch or can have the healthily balanced school dinners which offer excellent value for money. The school office provides information about free school dinners.

We offer a variety of lunchtime clubs and these can be found in our Clubs Section of the Website.

At the end of the day students return to their form group for 5 minutes then follow the normal end of of day dismissal.


9.00Tutor Time – Assemblies
9.20Lesson 1
9.55Lesson 2
10.30Lesson 3
11.05Lesson 4
11.50Lesson 5
12.25Lesson 6
14.00Lesson 7
14.35Lesson 8
15.05Tutor Time
15.10School finishes

Please click here to download the new class timetables for January

Students are expected to attend school every day.

Parents are asked to ensure that independent travellers leave home in plenty of time to arrive at school promptly each day.

Parents are asked to notify the school of any absence from school in advance where possible and certainly on the first day of absence through illness. Please report all absences on our dedicated absence line 01438 747274 (option 1).

It is not expected that students will go on family holidays during the school term time, the headteacher is under no obligation to approve any such absence.

School Day Timetable