Health & Welfare

All adults at The Valley School recognise the need to support the students and to promote their health and well being.

Each Pastoral year team has at least one member of staff fully trained  in first aid. A member of the Office staff is also responsible for the safeguarding and distribution of prescribed medicines where and when appropriate.

All parents must complete an emergency medical form giving details of medical or health issues as their child enters the school. It is most important that the school is informed of any changes to the information on the form.

The school can administer some medication to students at written parental request but medicine should never be sent in with a child. Students should not be sent to school if they are unwell.

A child may become ill or have an accident at any time of the day. It is important that we can contact parents or another responsible adult quickly to inform them of this.

Please ensure that all emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.

Social Networking Sites

You will be aware that today’s social networking sites are very popular with young people and have become an essential tool for many of us in modern society. However, as in everything else, as our young people learn the skills to use Facebook and similar sites, they can sometimes make the wrong choices. There have been a number of incidents since the beginning of term where abusive and harmful messages have been posted, which have led to more widespread problems and unpleasantness, even involving other family members.

You may find the following points helpful as you support your son/daughter to use social networking sites wisely.

Place your computer where there are other family members
Sit with your son/daughter and monitor how he/she is using technology
Remember that the age limit for Facebook (and many similar sites) is 13
Ensure that your son/daughter understands that sending or receiving abusive messages and/or bullying on websites is a serious, police matter
Avoid ‘joining in’ if there are problems. It is not appropriate for adults to message children on social networking sites and you may be putting yourself at risk

We will do all we can to support your son/daughter to learn how to use the internet wisely, but it is very difficult to deal with what is happening out of school hours. We value your help as we work together to ensure that our young people are properly protected.