Food Technology

Intent – What are we aiming to achieve through our curriculum?

  • At The Valley students are taught a range of cooking skills.
  • How to cook and apply the principles of healthy eating.
  • We aim to empower students with knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making the right choices to stay healthy.
  • As well as staying healthy, students develop an understanding of the consequences when food isn’t stored or cooked appropriately.
  • We aim to promote curiosity and inspiring students to be confident with putting into practice what they have learnt as part of life-long learning.
  • The Valley aims to provide students with confidence of expressions of human creativity.
  • Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables students to feed themselves and others, now and in later life
  • Students also experience household tasks that will assist them to lead an independent life, possible where.

Implementation – How are we delivering our curriculum?

At the Valley Students are taught to:

  • learn how to cook, drawing attention to safety and hygiene.
  • cook a selection of dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet
  • become competent in a range of cooking techniques [for example, selecting and preparing ingredients; using utensils and electrical equipment; applying heat in different ways; using awareness of taste, texture and smell; adapting and using their own recipes]
  • understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet
  • understand where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.
  • understand simple household tasks.
  • taught about the dangers of not cooking or storing food correctly and the risks faced if this does occur.

Impact – What difference is the curriculum making to our students?

  • Food technology provides the skills and develops knowledge in order for Students to manage their own and future family lifestyles.
  • Students have a feeling of achievement, pride and self-worth in their practical work, increasing their confidence. Helping them to take the initiative as they plan and organize their life to be increasingly independent individuals.
  • Provide an understanding of potential employment possibilities.
  • Pupils will gain appropriate accreditation.

Key Stage 3 Learning Journey