Food Technology

Pupils undertake cooking and preparing a variety of different dishes and food, with the aim of introducing them to the idea that they are able to cook for themselves. In addition, we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to try new flavours and different types of food, some of which they may not have met before. Literacy and Numeracy are engrained in teaching and learning.

Year 7

Pupils will focus on safety in the kitchen and food hygiene whilst is an essential aspect of learning. Pupils are introduced to the concept of a balanced diet, with the food groups explained by using the “Eat Well Plate”.
An important part of the curriculum is of course the washing up, as well as putting the laundry in the washing machine and drying it afterwards. Keeping the kitchen as a whole clean and tidy, is a class responsibility and Pupils are expected to willingly help!

Year 8

Pupils will focus on learning the basics of home cooking and being able to cook for themselves independently enhancing their practical skills, safety in the kitchen and organisation equipment.
Amongst the things we have cooked together are fruity flapjacks, mince pies, baked apples, bread and butter pudding, muffins, cottage pie, pizza and chicken fajitas.

Year 9

During Year 9 pupils continue the expand work started in year 8 with increasing emphasis on independent work. The recipes will be slightly more complicated and there will be more input into food hygiene, nutrition and healthy eating.

Years 10 & 11

During Key Stage 4 Food Technology is offered as part of an Option. Pupils who choose to study Food Technology will continue to develop their practical cooking skills further and will continue to study issues such as food hygiene, healthy eating, budgeting, entertaining and the food industry. They are able to take examinations at entry level or higher if appropriate along with building a portfolio of recipes and menus for future reference.