Extra-Curricular Clubs at The Valley

The PE department are striving to ensure all pupils can achieve a healthy active lifestyle so we offer afterschool extra-curricular activities from Tuesday-Thursday. The clubs are from 3.15-4.30pm and are run by the PE department. Pre-Covid we were able to offer 3 clubs and all year groups could attend, these clubs were Multi-sports, Trampolining and football.

Due to restrictions we are currently offering a different club for each year group, allowing the pupils to still access extra exercise during the week. The sport at the club is dependent on the number of pupils in attendance but we will try and keep it close to what the children are learning in curriculum time.

We are excited to welcome afterschool clubs back after the Christmas period, please see an outline below:

Date Year Group Sport
Tuesday 18th January Year 7 Trampolining
Wednesday 19th January Year 8 Archery/Table Tennis
Tuesday 25th January Year 9 Trampolining
Wednesday 26th January Year 10 Archery/Table Tennis
Tuesday 1st February Year 8 Trampolining
Wednesday 2nd February Year 7 Archery/Table Tennis
Tuesday 8th February Year 10 Trampolining
Wednesday 9th February Year 9 Archery/ Table Tennis