Intent – What are we aiming to achieve through our curriculum?

  • To nurture children’s natural development of drawing, creativity and fine motor development
  • To nurture children’s passion and enthusiasm for creating pieces of art, learning about art, its history and impact on us.
  • To develop those skills used when working with different materials and resources.
  • To learn about influential artists and art movements from the past up to modern day.
  • To be able to talk and/or write about their work, and the work of others critically and constructively, using the language of art, craft and design.
  • To be able to produce their own work, using a range of materials, in response to a starting concept, artistic style and/or the work of another artist.
  • If they chose, To leave the Valley School with an art and design qualification that reflects their ability and their independent working skills.
  • To nurture and develop pupils wider skills in thinking and problem solving and to develop aspects of themselves such as confidence, self-esteem and acceptance of one’s own strengths


Implementation – How are we delivering our curriculum?

  • Pupils have access to Art and Design lesson from years 7 to 9 and during year 10 and 11 if they choose that option. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of individual or group learning needs and styles.
  • The curriculum is designed with appropriate challenge for each pupil or groups stage of development.
  • Currently curriculum time devoted to art and design is:
    • 1 hour per week in years 7 to 9
    • 2 hours a week for years 10 and 11 if they opt into the subject.
  • The Art and Design curriculum is designed so that skills can be built upon and expanded progressively each year. Skills are repeated but adapted with each new project in order to securely embed them and increase independent use during KS4 projects.
  • Pupils choose to study Art and Design in Key stage 4, at a level of suitable challenge to their individual needs.
  • All pupils are taught by a specialist art teacher in a dedicated Art and Design room equipped with resources and equipment, including a kiln.
  • Pupils progress is tracked regularly using the schools tracker system. This is broken into levels based on stages and each stage is broken down in to steps covering different skills, knowledge and ways to apply these.
  • During lessons pupils are given positive verbal feedback. This is to encourage them to look at their work and the work of others, critically and constructively, always looking for ways to develop their work or improve their skills further.
  • Formal and summative assessment is used such as:
    • Baseline assessment at entry to school
    • Self/peer assessment
    • Teacher assessment using progress trackers.
    • Regular drawing assessment to gauge developmental stage.
    • Invigilation at KS4 for formal qualifications

Impact – What difference is the curriculum making to our students?

  • We believe that if a curriculum offers activities that facilitate opportunities for personal choice and direction then we will be fostering more creativity in our pupils. By having some creative choice over outcomes we develop creativity. Giving pupil’s choice allows them to have ownership and individuality in their work, building confidence and acceptance of mistakes.
  • By nurturing natural development we allow pupils to explore and develop their own skills until they are ready for more formal approaches to art education. A combination of formal and informal approaches fosters happiness and pleasure in artistic processes.
  • Art and Design promotes good mental health and give pupils an outlet for communicating their ideas, feelings and emotions particularly when verbal communication is a challenge.
  • Pupils leave the Valley School well prepared for the next stage in their lives, as confident, enthusiastic learners prepared to tackle new learning and fresh challenges.

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