What if my child is unwell?

The Valley School is a caring community and the children’s health needs are very important to us, whether it is an ongoing health issue or something that needs a one-off daily dose of medicine.

We would far rather the children attended school with their medicine, which will be administered if it is in the correct packaging and with a covering letter, than they take time off.

If your child has something that is contagious, then obviously we expect them to be kept at home until all symptoms have been clear for 48 hours.

We try to encourage our students to be independent and resilient, which means encouraging them to cope with minor ailments, coughs, colds and tummy aches for example. If however, your child is not well enough to be at school, we will contact you and ask you to arrange to collect them.

Your child’s wellbeing is our priority.

School Counsellor

Counselling is a service that is offered at The Valley School. We have created a space in school so that your child can feel safe to talk and be listened to.

Bespoke sessions are arranged to give students coping strategies and explore practical ways to develop self-awareness and inner strength.

Students will be referred by their Form Tutor or Head of year before an individual support programme is devised.

Sessions will happen within the school day at a time that is appropriate for each student. If you do not wish for your child to be considered for the School Counselling service, please notify the school office.