Year 7 Team

Joanna Hughes

7HU Tutor

Mandy O’Sullivan

Year 7OS Tutor

Debbie Jones

Year 7 Learning Partner

Katie-Rose Baker

Year 7 Learning Partner

Margaret Gibbs

Year 7 Learning Partner

Sonya Shears

7SH Tutor
Year 7 Learning Leader

All year 7 classrooms are situated within one dedicated area of the school. We have classrooms which overlook the woodlands and we are on the first floor. Within the year 7 area, there are 3 classrooms and a small quiet room. The children within year 7 are currently split across two classes where they complete the majority of their learning. They have one main teacher who delivers the ‘core’ lessons. In addition to the teachers, there are 3 learning partners who work flexibly across the classrooms providing additional support and small group work.

A thematic approach to learning is followed within year 7. Each half term pupils complete their learning around a central theme. Having a singular theme helps the children to make connections within their learning across subjects. The children have ‘core learning’ sessions which incorporate mathematics, English, science and humanities. In addition to this, the children also have ICT, food technology, outdoor learning and Learning for Life which are all taught by their class teacher. Subject specific teachers deliver the DT, PE, art and performing arts lessons. During these lessons, the learning partners attend to offer continued support.

Having a dedicated year 7 area and core team of year 7 staff allows the children to feel secure and to build strong relationships with staff. Having additional learning spaces and a dedicated team of adults who know the pupils well, allows for flexibility and ensures that learning is tailored to each individual’s needs.