Year 8 Team

Catherine Wharton

Year 8 Learning Leader

Pearl Houghton

8HN Tutor

Corrina Winnett

8WT Tutor

Chloe Deamer

Year 8 Learning Partner

Conky Barker

Year 8 Learning Partner

Geri McDonagh

Year 8 Learning Partner

Leah Smyth

Year 8 Learning Partner

We are situated in a quiet area on the first floor to aid concentration and focus to assist in learning and holistic development. This group is made up into three classes of students from year 8. They have their own base classroom each and have a core form tutor and learning partner who supports them throughout the day. We also have a break out space where pupils can undertake their own individual learning. This also serves as a comfortable and secure place to nurture their specific needs.

We deliver a highly differentiated curriculum to our pupils to assist them in fully accessing their learning in a quiet calm environment. A large number of subjects are taught in the same class by the same teachers to help to build on confidence and self-esteem to aid learning. There are a number of subjects that are taught in specific classes by specialist teachers such as: Design Technology, P.E, Art, Food Technology, Computing and the Science Laboratory (when required).

For PE lessons all of students come together to take part in different sporting activities and help the reliance of each other and support them in team building activities.

This approach works for our young students as they have the support structure of a base room for the majority of their learning to form a close working relationship between students, form tutor and learning partner. This means the staff get to know the students very well and can adapt their teaching to meet the needs of each individual student.