Year 9 Team

Linsey Ashley

Head of Year 9

Alice McArdle

Year 9 Learning Partner

Katy Stickland

Year 9 Learning Partner

Faye Gross

Year 9 Learning Partner

This year group is made up of three classes. They have their own base classroom each and have a core form tutor and learning partner who supports them throughout the day.

The three classrooms are along the same corridor which strengthens friendships between students who may be in different classes or who have been together in classes previously. They can interact with each other throughout the school day and will all eat lunch together in the dining room where the year 9 have a specific area to sit and eat their lunch with the year 9 staff.

The majority of their lessons are taught in the 3 base classrooms by the year 9 team. Pupils move between just 3 teachers for their English, mathematics, science, humanities, learning for life, ICT, food technology and outdoor learning lessons. Specialist subject areas and staff are also used for performing arts, food technology, design technology and art.

For PE lessons all of Year 9 students come together to take part in different sporting and sensory activities which helps them build positive relationships through team building activities.

This approach works for our young students as they have the support structure of a smaller group of teaching staff and a smaller number of rooms for the majority of their learning in order to form a close working relationship with each other, their teachers and the 3 learning partners. This means the staff get to know the students very well and can adapt and tailor their teaching to meet the needs of individual students.

This approach also prepares students for the transition from key stage 3 into key stage 4 where they will have a different teacher for each of their subjects and will move around the school for many more lessons.

We are following a thematic approach in year 9 where most of the subjects will follow a theme to enable students to make connections and deepen their understanding.