Year 10 Team

Chaleen Heller

Head of Year 10

Lindsey Wilson

10WI Tutor

Elliot Walker

10WA Tutor

Katie Graby

10VI Tutor

Marie Nelson

ICT Teacher

Martina Barber

PE Staff

Mo Crowley

Year 10 Learning Partner

Sally O’Brien

Year 10 Learning Partner

Liane Cheung

Year 10 Learning Partner

Alice Mcardle

Year 10 Learning Partner

This is the beginning of the KS4 journey and formalising of the children’s learning, as well as the opportunity to develop their life-long independence.

Pupils will follow a Core Curriculum that exists of English, Maths, Science and PE. Students take more ownership of their learning by choosing from a range of options that include Design and Technology, Food Technology, I.C.T, Expressive Arts, Health and Social Care or Art and Textiles.

To equip pupils for the future pupils are offered the opportunity to experience real life scenarios of the world of work through engaging in our Enterprise and Learning for Life curriculum.
For more information on individual Subjects please click here to see the Our Work Page.

KS4 – Home-learning

At The Valley School, we are all learning all of the time. Home-home is our way of valuing and encouraging our students’ learning when they are at home.

In KS4 pupils have the opportunity to complete one challenge per Core Subject a week that will be tailored to her/his ability. This is set by the teachers of Maths, English and Science and recorded in this booklet.

In addition, pupils can complete many different challenges and tasks listed in the KS 4 Additional Home-learning Challenges sheet. Feel free to change the tasks and add your own as you go. This booklet and the additional sheets should be brought into school every day.